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Imagine carrying 70 paper travel guide books on your trip! Not with Chimani. Your subscription includes unlimited access to 64 national park travel guides and 9 state-wide outdoor recreation guides. Best of all - as we publish new guides they are automatically included in your subscription!

62 National Park Travel Guides

Guides for the top visited national parks - from Acadia to Zion! Each guide includes a complete list of all available activities within the park. Auto touring details include all the major (and minor) points of interest throughout the park. Hiking details include difficulty level, distance, elevation gain, photos and a description of trail features.

9 State-wide Travel Guides

Guides for all the most popular states including California, Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Texas, Georgia, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. More coming soon! Each guides include details on scenic byways, beaches, waterfalls, natural wonders, the top hikes, biking paths, public coastal access, swimming holes, birding hotspots and more!

Written by Local Experts

Written by local travel experts, our travel guides tell you everything you need to know from what to do, where to stay, where to eat and how to get around.

Offline + GPS-enabled Maps

No cell phone signal, no problem. Our guides and maps are available offline. This is important because most national parks don't have cell phone coverage. And not only do the maps work, they are GPS-enabled so you can find your exact location at all times.

$2,500 in discounts

Save on lodging, dining, and activities with over 200 discount partners throughout the national park system. B&Bs in Acadia, whitewater rafting in Grand Teton, and dude ranches in Glacier.

Collect More Virtual Badges

Each guide includes hundreds of more points of interest which enable you to "check-in" and collect more virtual badges. It also means you can earn more points!

Here are the great benefits you get with your Perks:

  • 70+ detailed park guides
  • Unlimited guides - adding more!
  • Offline maps and content
  • $2,500 in discounts

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